International Collection SS

International Collection SS

International Collection Ash/Trash Receptacle with Double-Beaded bottom and vinyl trim features satin stainless steel body and a flat top, finger-print proof Black, Brown, Burgundy, Hunter Green or Indigo Textured lid with 8" opening. Stylish collection of color coordinated Floor Urns, Waste Baskets, Large Waste Receptacles, and Dome Top Receptacles designed to compliment any area of your facility. All units have fire-safe bodies with solid bottoms. Dome Top units available with or without push door.

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  • 18 gallon indoor Waste receptacle
  • Satin stainless steel body with a flat lid with 8" opening and fingerprint proof textured finish
  • Stylish collection of color coordinated receptacles designed to compliment any indoor area of your facility
  • Fire-safe bodies with solid double-beaded bottom and vinyl trim
  • Includes a removable LLDPE plastic liner with lift openings. The liner base resin meets UL94 Flammability Standard
  • Contains over 60% recycled material and 100% post-consumer recyclable

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Hunter Green


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